Sales and Commissions

We welcome inquiries about sculptures you have seen here, as well as inquiries about specific sculpture commissions. When commissioning a sculpture:

  • The client and sculptor discuss design objectives for a specific site.
  • The sculptor completes a drawing and a small model of a sculpture (for a set price) and the client and sculptor meet to discuss the results. It may take additional meetings before a decision is made on a final sculpture design.
  • When the client decides to commission the sculpture, s/he pays a deposit of one third the total cost. A second payment of one third is due during fabrication and the final payment is paid upon completion. Installation costs vary depending on the piece.
  • All sculptures are one-of-a-kind, copyrighted art works.

Sculpture for sale


KAPPA 1999 was first shown in the Bansui Gallery in Sendai, Japan. A kappa is a Japanese folk character rumored to live in ponds in the Tono region of northern Japan. The price is $3,500.

Also, I envision this horizontal piece larger, in relation to a building, and the size determined by the site. They could look beautiful reflected in the waters of a lakeside property or elegant in an office courtyard. Consider them for an estate, school or your place of business. Call me at 802-233-1457 or email me at [email protected] if you would like information about the cost.

Sentinel is made of concrete and corten weathering steel and measures 8.5′ tall x 32″ deep x 34″ wide. I designed it so rust would color the concrete. The cost is $20,000, including installation if you live near or within an hour of Burlington, VT. It would be an elegant addition to a sculpture garden or large building.

Ode to Charlotte was cut from a single sheet of steel at Queen City Steel’s scrap yard in Burlington, Vermont. With a large forklift pulling from one end and a huge bucket loader on the other, we stretched the steel into three dimensions.

The title refers to the bones of a beluga whale found as the first railroad was built in 1849 in Charlotte, Vermont. Ode to Charlotte was part of an inaugural exhibition in 2003 at the new ECHO Science Center in Burlington, Vermont.

The cost is $5,500 delivered near or within an hour of Burlington, Vermont.

Maquettes are models for larger sculptures ready to be commissioned. As I develop ideas I work first with pen and ink, then paper and cardboard and eventually I make small models of sculptures out of steel, maquettes.
ENSO 12′ x 12.5′ x 20′ First in a series of ink and brush inspired circles, ENSO I is available for purchase in a larger public scale size. Inquiries are welcome.
ByFire A collaboration with Frank Phillips. We envision this piece in copper, bronze or steel at 8 to 12 feet tall. It could be made from multiple sheets of individually formed and welded 3/16″ metal. Each of the three individual “leaves” would have a clear three dimensional presence.

Fiona’s Way of Seeing My granddaughter, Fiona Lovins, sees a specific color for every letter of the alphabet. This phenomenon is defined by Wikipedia as synesthesia, in which stimulation of one sensory pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory pathway.

The above collage print is Fiona’s special way of seeing the alphabet. Signed prints will be available for $250.

Another one of Fiona’s unique talents is being lead singer in the Maine based punk rock group, BAITBAG. Fiona, Claire Donnelly and Courtney Naliboff formed the group in 2018.